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Fire Fighting, Chemical & Diesel Trailers

Water Transfer/Pressure Washer/Fire fighting system on Skid with Heavy Plant Trailer

Trailers are made to be used for fire fighting, Chemical & Water for washing machinery down to general cartage of water for dust suppression etc. Water tanks and associated plumbing are mounted onto its own skid which can be separated from the trailer with ease. The trailer then can be used separately for any task in the off time, allowing the investment to be more cost effective. 

Our Trailers and Skids are AUSTRALIAN built for the harshest conditions.

Fire/Water Skid Inclusions

  • Rapid Spray tank
  • 1 Heavy duty steel hose reels with 36m x 19mm fire hose,
  • Adjustable nozzles and all plumbing
  • GX200 Honda motor, 1 1/2 inch twin impeller Davey f/f pump
  • Pressure bypass for pump protection
  • Safety baffle ball system fitted
  • RFS fitted fittings for quick coupling and working with RFS
  • 2 front mounted 4 meter fire hoses with nozzles for fighting grass fire driving
  • Nozzle holders
  • Fully plumbed system so need to swap hoses like competitors are doing, saving time
  • Top fill above tank so no back contamination.
  • Can be easily used for transfer of water while still using any hose
  • Dust suppression nozzle manual operation.
  • Storage area for hoses
  • Chains and locks downs attached

Unloading Water Skid

  • Stand legs attached for anywhere
  • Unique 3 way unloading system
  • Lifting lugs for chains to unload
  • Fork slots for unloading
  • Self unloading wheels and jack
  • Can be tied down quickly to any flat top tray etc
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